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Project Examples

Control System Replacement

Original Control System:

This control system was 20+ years old using relay logic without any diagnostic capabilities and limited safety features. The peripheral wiring on the right side of the control box was disorganized without labels. This created an inability to properly diagnose problem areas. The objective for Works Global was to design, construct and install a new control system that was PLC based. This would allow diagnostics to be incorporated and it greatly improved the overall safety of the entire system.

New Control System:

  • Designed a new PLC based system
  • Designed a new hand-held controller with onboard diagnostic capabilities. This device would allow the user immediate access to diagnostics as opposed to having to view them on a fixed display panel located elsewhere
  • Created schematics of the new design and developed a User Manuals for the new control system
  • Sourced parts and constructed the new control system and hand-held controller at the Works Global facility
  • Transported the system to the venue and completed installation
  • Finalized the documentation to reflect as-built conditions

  • Original Main Control System Panel
  • New Main Control System Panel
  • Example of an Original Hand-held Controller
  • New Hand-held Controller
  • New Hand-held Driver
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