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acoustical curtain and ceiling

Motorized Stage Rigging Systems      

Works Global provides repair and control system upgrades for various types of motorized rigging, such as:

winch and cable
  • Acoustical Curtains
  • Acoustical Clouds (Reflector Panels)
  • Fire Curtains
  • Motorized Stage Rigging
  • Motorized Curtain Operators

Motorized stage rigging systems are lift systems that use either powered winches or motors to lift or move items. Most of the time, the motor lifts the entire weight of the equipment without the use of counterweights. However, there are circumstances where counter-weight assist is also used.

Control systems ranging from simple push button panels to PLC based controls are used to operate these systems. Safety and efficiency are key reasons for using a motorized rigging system because they eliminate the cause of repetitive stress injuries that can occur with manual counterweight sets.