Randal worker backstage with the director of performing arts center

Randal Worker

Owner and Founder of Works Global

Highly skilled in industrial mechanics, electrical control, welding, engineering and construction, Randal Worker founded Works Global in 1999. He first fell in love with the equipment that makes magic happen on stage back in 1986 while working for Stage Engineering. In 1988 he went on to become the first full-time serviceman for Gala Systems Inc., now the world’s largest manufacturer of under-stage equipment and creator of the Spiralift. To date, Randal continues to serve as one of an elite class of professionals who repair theatrical motorized under-stage, over-stage and over-house equipment around the world.

Portrait of Randal Worker

Whether performing diagnostics on equipment, upgrading a control system or repairing a one-of-a-kind lift no longer serviced by the manufacturer, Randal sees mechanical problems and intuitively knows what to do. He thrives on asking, and answering, “How does it work? How can I fix it?”

“Even if I’ve never seen the equipment before, I can look at it and understand how it’s supposed to work. I just have the ability to know how to know.”

A natural born problem solver, Randal has been tinkering, building and fixing things since an early age. Now, Randal’s signature is quality. His goal—one that he’s been able to accomplish for nearly three decades—is to do the job right the first time. He’s never had to return to a site location to revisit a problem that was not accurately solved on the first visit.

Randal’s personal philosophy is to express love through building: He loves tools, he brings new life to aging equipment and he genuinely cares about his clients. He understands that every mechanical problem or equipment failure is not just about a repair; it’s also about the people behind the scenes that depend on that equipment to be operational in order to do their jobs, support their families and make a living.

At a venue in Mexico City, Randal was managing 22 workers. The men called him “Maestro!” Confused, Randal asked what they meant. They explained that it was a term of great respect brought on by Randal’s deep knowledge and ability to orchestrate each aspect of the project.

No matter where a performing arts center or venue is located, Randal will work to resolve the problem and address ongoing equipment needs. His cultural sensitivity, ability to work on tight turnaround times, and comfort working with an interpreter allow Randal to meet the needs of his clients wherever they are. Randal has repaired and maintained equipment, updated components and user manuals, and redesigned and upgraded control systems for more than 250 clients worldwide.

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