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I have been working with Works Global since 2012, and Tina and Randal have been wonderful to work with. Randal has been instrumental in keeping our equipment operational, and Tina has been fantastic with scheduling and coordination.

Randal has been keeping our systems in proper working order during this time, which has been no small task due to age and design. There are few people of Randal’s caliber due to his knowledge, skill, compassion, and attention to detail when working on electrical/mechanical systems. My background is in industrial automated electrical/mechanical systems, industrial motor controls, industrial hydraulics, and pneumatics. In my time, no one, except Randal, has been able to do what was needed to complete the task(s) in the allotted time frame. Of the companies I have considered, no one has been able to provide the comprehensive service, modifications, and repairs Randal was able to. I highly recommend Works Global to anyone with electrical/mechanical needs, especially stage lifts.

Our Equipment: A Gala spiral stage lift with a single platform that is no longer supported and a custom-built Joyce Dayton stage lift with two independently controlled platforms and three independently controlled walls. The primary control systems for both are PLC, FVD, and relay-based motor controls.

— John Elrod: Systems Engineer, Denver Performing Arts Complex / City and County of Denver

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"I've been the Maintenance Supervisor for Palm Beach State College for the past 33 years. The college has 5 campuses, 3 of which have theaters that my staff helps to maintain. Both our Duncan Theater and Eissey Theater have motorized stage lifts which require a higher level of expertise to maintain and repair, so we have been using Works Global Inc for the past 15 years.

"I originally met Randal Worker when we had a problem with a stage lift that was intermittently shutting off. Randal was able to diagnose the problem to our antiquated safety bumpers. He recommended replacing them, which he was able to do. Since then, he has been working on our stage equipment exclusively. We schedule him to inspect our lift periodically where he performs an inspection of our equipment, and does any required maintenance and preventative maintenance to make sure that everything is operating correctly and safely. He has also helped upgrade our dated controllers to new state of the art equipment. This is very specialized equipment that is not only used our students and staff but occasionally gets used by outside vendors, so its proper operation is critical.

"Randal is an expert in his field. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and always dependable, often working around our busy theater schedules. He is a valued resource in our theaters and I highly recommend Works Global Inc for all your stage lift needs."

— Tony Milici, Supervisor of Maintenance, Palm Beach Stage College

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"Works Global has provided the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln, NE exceptional service for over 12+ years. Randal Worker is very knowledgeable with our pit lift and has provided us with timely and thorough service. He is very easy to work with, extremely personable, and flexible with scheduling due to his schedule and the schedule for our building. We look forward to seeing Randal when he comes to service the equipment because we know that he will not only provide quality service, but also go above and beyond to make using our equipment easier and user friendly. We hope that Works Global will be able to provide our building with service for years to come."

— Stacey Brand, Building and Services Technician, Lied Center for Performing Arts, Lincoln, Nebraska

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“Benedum Center is a very busy venue (one of the largest ticketed venues worldwide), and Works Global is our only choice for Orchestra Pit Lift service. Randal understands our equipment, from component servicing to re-programming, updates and modifications. Randal has proven to be the best.

“In my observation, Works Global gets an AAA+ rating on all levels of service. Simply put, Works Global is the only company we would utilize to care for our critical use equipment. I look forward to many more years of excellent service!”

— Berne Bloom, Director of Production, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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“We’ve been using Randal for service of our pit lifts for several years now, he was already working at our larger venue, the Benedum Center, and it made perfect sense to bring him to the Byham Theater as well. His enthusiasm and love for his work was immediately apparent. His encyclopedic knowledge of the design, manufacture, and installation of the lifts is surpassed only by his boundless energy. Incredibly thorough in his examination of the mechanical and electronic components of the lifts, he also takes the time to explain what he’s doing, answer any questions, or address any concerns we have. When we’ve had any issues with the lifts, he responds almost immediately either talking us through solutions, or making arrangements for a site visit if needed. Not only does he have years of experience with mechanical systems, but he has made copies of our installation records for his own files to refer to if needed. Randal has become the gold standard by which we judge our other service providers.”

— Greg Brooks, Stage Technician, Sound, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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“We had our 40 year old pit die in multiple ways in the season. After being referenced to Works Global, they promptly answered all phone calls and emails to help assess the situation and schedule service. They very quickly worked us in their schedule. They provided very prompt, throughout, friendly and documented service on a pit that had no service or maintenance for 40 years! They found parts that are no long manufactured, custom created solutions to get it running and provided wonderful documentation to rely on and learn from. During their week here, many questions were asked to understand the pit operation and the patience on answering all questions was well above and beyond any expectations! The pit works better than it ever has, and the “new” parts and programming are beyond expectations in ways we did not know it could do. We wish all vendors had this level of knowledge, professionalism, work ethic, patience, and drive! Works Global has set a new standard of customer service and reputation!”

— Erin Isaacson, Technical Director of Theatre, Crouse Performance Hall/Veterans Civic and Convention Center

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“We wouldn’t trust our technical facility repairs including orchestra pit hydraulic lifts, acoustical canopy, and fire curtain to anyone other than Randal Worker at Works Global. He is a genius in his profession! What makes Randal tick is figuring out what is not working, how to make it work, and work well. His skills and expertise are second to none. The thorough inspections and maintenance of the equipment Works Global performs is critical to keeping our busy theater on schedule and most importantly, safe for all. Randal and Tina are an integral part of our team, and with their help will ensure many years of future success at the Pikes Peak Center For The Performing Arts.”

— Tuesday Heslop, Assistant General Manager: The BROADMOOR World Arena, Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts, and World Arena Ice Hall, a US Olympic Training Site

Logo of ASU Gammage

“Randal Worker at Works Global has worked at ASU Gammage for over 25 years. He’s low key, hardworking, and a great communicator. We wish all of our service providers had the same skill sets. He offers a service that is hard to find, and even more difficult to hold onto. We’re proud to be a client of Works Global.”

— Terri Cranmer, Director of Facilities Operations, ASU Gammage

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“Works Global designed and installed a custom set up at our facility 20 years ago. Randal has maintained the system throughout its life, and together we started a training program to educate our staff on the rigging system.

“Randal was an absolute pleasure and a fantastic educator throughout the three day training course. He started with teaching the history of the system and then worked directly with our staff for hands on training of the controls, pumps, motors and every other detail. His concise explanations always left time for questions before proceeding to the next topic.”

— Jeff Rollins, Technical Director, ASU Gammage

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