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Seat Wagon Design, Manufacture and Installation

The original seat wagon was designed and manufactured using air casters for movement. The client was not satisfied with the air casters. Movement of the seat wagon was not as efficient as it had been purported to be. To move the seat wagon on or off the lift could take from 45 – 90 minutes with a crew of four.

Works Global was tasked to design and manufacture a new seat wagon that utilized V-groove rollers riding on tracks. Plans were drawn up and a proposal submitted to the client. Works Global was awarded the contract. It was manufactured in our facility, shipped in pieces to the venue and installed by Works Global upon arrival. The new seat wagon now takes a crew of three only 10 minutes to move it on or off the lift.

Loading a seat wagon onto a liftLoading seat wagon on lift

Seat wagon at the auditorium levelSeat wagon at the auditorium level

Seat wagon at storage levelSeat wagon at storage level

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